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I started cake decorating around July of 2009, and I've been hooked since. I started out just making fun cakes for youth group and family events, but somewhere along the way I started getting birthday and wedding cake orders. Soon after, Mixed Blessings Bakery was started. And now, after about a year, my cake supplies are taking over my life, I'm known as the "Cake girl", and I'm still learning something new every time I do a cake! Other than that there's really nothing special about me- except that I love my Savior- Jesus Christ! He's the one who saves me from the cake disasters you see on Youtube! :)

Hope you enjoy the site!


I am located in Spokane, Washington near Audubon Park. The cost of delivery (within 50 miles) is included in the cake cost, and all additional miles will be charged separately.

Cake Designs

I don't believe in only selling 4 or 5 different kinds of cakes that I've tried a million times. I am all about getting orders for random cake designs and then doing my best to make them look awesome. If you are looking for a birthday cake and have no idea what you want, try taking a look at  coolest-birthday-cakes.com for thousands of ideas. If it's a certain wedding cake picture you're looking for, try searching Google for "wedding cakes"- you will get a picture of about every kind of wedding cake possible!
Speaking of wedding cakes; I like sticking to a picture off the internet when creating one, but if you don't find anything you like we can talk about it and draw some different designs out to fit your preferences during the wedding cake consultation.

Cake Costs

Typically, I charge $40-$75 for typical personalized fondant cakes. When it comes to wedding cakes and sculpted cakes it all depends on how big it is, if I have to use fondant or gumpaste, or if I plan on doing something extraordinary for you. I don't like breaking your bank, so rest assured, I will not over-charge you.


At Mixed Blessings Bakery, my goal is not only to make a cake LOOK great, but TASTE great too! So what I normally have my customers do is pick a kind of cake and then a filling to go with it (unless it's a specialty cake flavor that requires a certain filling).

Cake Flavors:
Devils Food (Chocolate)
Cherry Chip
Red Velvet
Vanilla Sponge

Cream Cheese
Chocolate Fudge
Buttercream (normal frosting)
Bavarian Cream
Twinkie Cream

Specialty Flavors:
Our delicious Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Filling
Pretty Pink Strawberry Coconut with Strawberry Infused Filling (seasonal)

If you want a flavor that isn't listed on here, let me know and I can look online for some recipes. I'll try them out until I find a good one for you!


  • "I was given Madison's name from a friend . I promised my daughter a longtime ago if she ever won a state basketball title and got the Gold Ball trophy, then I would buy her a Go..."
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